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Village Hall

The Village Hall in Belton in Rutland was built by the village in the early twentieth century.  It remains to this day a very popular location for fitness classes; village fundraising events; special occasion parties and more.  There has always been a Village Hall Committee which manages the hall and the present committee is:

Chairman and Trustee Ad Coombe

Trustee and Management Trish Crouch (at the Sun Inn)

Liz Neill

Jan Warren

The 100 Club where 100 numbers are purchased for £6 each (at present) by villagers each year with a monthly draw for three winners sharing that month’s proportion of half the annual money in the pot.  Jane Cronin on 717760 organises the 100 Club for the Village Hall and renewals are generally on a BACS transfer or direct debit/standing order.  In some circumstances a cash renewal can be accepted by arrangement.  If you would like to be a part of the 100 club please contact Jane directly.

If you wish to book the village hall the diary is kept by Trish Crouch at The Sun Inn 717227.


The rates for the hall are as follows:






The village hall is located on the south side of Main Street between