Lockdown could lead to a “ticking time bomb” of separation anxiety for dogs, an animal charity has warned.

Pet owners have been able to spend extra time with their dogs while working from home during the pandemic.

Dogs could be extremely anxious once the lockdown has ended and owners go back to work.

“For many of us it has been great to spend so much time with our dogs during lockdown and mostly our dogs love us being around too,” said Rachel Casey, director of canine behaviour and research at the charity.

“But all this extra attention could potentially create a ticking time bomb of separation anxiety for our dogs.

“If they expect us to be about all the time, it will be more difficult for them to cope once we go back to our normal lives and aren’t in the house 24/7”

Dog owners should start making preparations now so that pets don’t become unnecessarily distressed when the lockdown eventually ends.

“Now is the time to act to avoid future problems – and it’s easy to do.

“Just make sure that you factor in time apart from your dog each day to help them be able to cope when alone – this could be separated from you by a door or child gate for an hour or two whilst you’re working or homeschooling the kids.