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Belton at War

Belton at War is the fourth journal published by the Belton in Rutland History Society.BeltonAtWar

It focuses on the impact that war has had on Belton in Rutland and looks in detail at some of the individuals who were involved.

There are 23 pages featuring The Great War – or World War 1 as it later became known – with features, pictures and articles about the men from the village who died in the war and also the memories of some of those who returned. We’ve published some excerpts from Belton At War:

We’ve also teamed up with Rutland Remembers (http://www.rutlandremembers.org/) which is due to launch on 15th May and gives details the men from Rutland who served in the war.

Journals are available for sale via the Belton In Rutland  History website beltoninrutlandhistory.org

Contents of Belton at War

The Civil War in Belton and Surrounds
Belton’s Oral History of the Civil War
Belton Soldiers in the 18th and 19th Centuries
Belton Volunteers in the Boer War 1899-1902

World War 1 1914 – 1918
The Men Who Marched Away – Belton’s Roll of Honour
Belton’s Fallen Heroes of WW1
Roll of Honour St. Peter’s Guild of Ringers
Life in the Trenches. The 1915 Diary of Sergeant Abram Webb of Belton
Private Philip Otley Camm of Belton
Lance Corporal Arthur Camm of Belton
Experiences in France 1916/1917 recorded by George Edwin Wadd
The Buxton Family Medals
The Ovens Family of Belton in WW1
Private Cecil Jelley
Archie Ringrose Founder of Belton Garage
Thomas Farren’s American Newspaper Report October 1914
Private Frank Dodden
Local Propaganda – Poem
Rutland Special Constables of WW1
Rutland Volunteer Training Corps of WW1
Rutland Red Cross in WW1
The Dedication of Belton War Memorial

World War 2 1939 – 1945 Introduction
Sergeant Philip Otley Camm
Belton’s Fallen Heroes WW2
Sergeant George Edward Seldon
Harold Sleath’s Memories of World War 2
Lance Corporal Pauline Watt of Belton
The Bombing of Belton
An Aerial Encounter – RAF Spitfires and The German Bomber of Belton
James Ovens and the Home Guard in Belton
Members of Belton’s Home Guard
The Home Guard Training Manual
Instructions to Belton’s Home Guard Guide
Rutland Field Map, Compiler’s Notes
Field Names for the Parish of Belton and parts of Leighfield and Wardley
Sterndale-Bennett’s Notes and Photographs of Bridges over the Eye Brook
Tank Island Scheme for Uppingham and Battalion Strength and Armaments
The ARP and Special Constables in Belton
The Wartime Diary of Charlie Wadd
Memories of WW2 by Win Griffiths née Wadd
Private Robert Wadd
Lieutenant Colonel W.A. Macfarlane M.C.,T.D.
Fusilier George Reginald Griffiths
Memories of Leighfield During WW2 by Edwin Jelley
Dorothy Jelley in The Women’s Land Army
Farming in Belton During WW2 by Jim Turner
Ruth Munton’s Memories of WW2
Brian Duffin Recalls WW2
Tom Hornsby of Lambley Lodge and Prisoners of War
Raymond Duffin – Remembering WW2
Freda Nicholson. A Wartime Evacuee in Belton
John Nash. Memories of Wartime Evacuation to Belton
Brian Duffin’s National Service in Korea
V. E. Day 50th Anniversary Commemoration in Belton