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Belton in Rutland is a small village consisting of approximately 150 properties.

To the south is Gough’s Lane and the cul-de-sacs of Tokeys Close and Buttress Close.

To the west you will find New Road and Back Lane.

The center horse shoe of the village comprises Main Street,  Church Street and Nether Street.

To the north east is Chapel Street, Lambley Lodge Lane and College Farm Lane.  Loddington Lane is to the North with Littleworth Lane to the east.

You may be thinking, ‘why Belton in Rutland’?   There is a ‘Belton’ in Leicestershire, a neighbouring county and another in the considerably larger county of Lincolnshire.  It helps to identify us as Belton in the county of Rutland.

Belton has an active Parish Council.  The Agenda’s for forthcoming meetings are published on the Parish Council’s web site.  Meetings, to which all villagers are invited, are held in the Village Hall.  The public at permitted to speak about matters detailed on the agenda or any other issues they wish the Parish Council to be aware of during the Public session only.

Belton is a conservation village and as such planning permission is required for any structural changes extending to items such as satellite dishes or tree pruning.  Full details are available from Rutland County Council.  It is also possible to consult the Village Design Statement for additional information which can be found as a digital copy under the website heading of Amenities/Parish Council/Village Design Statement.